Our mission is to provide an interactive play and hands-on learning museum where we provide a child-centered environment to inspire children’s creativity, curiosity, imagination and a love for life-long learning.

We are building a community-supported place where play and learning are forever connected for all the children and families in Lykens Valley.


Our vision is to:

  • Create a community where children have access to resources that they need to become creative, curious, inventive and healthy children who will be ready for the ever-changing world
  • Create a joy and passion for lifelong learning
  • Emphasize early childhood education and school readiness
  • Promote the learning and development of the whole child during some of the most pivotal and formative years of life



We believe that play time is essential for a healthy child development and creates a love for lifelong learning.


We believe that interactive learning and play will allow children to use their creativity, apply critical thinking skills, learn to solve problems and grow.


We encourage children to explore, invent, play, dream and to ask questions.


We want to add value to our community and serve as a gateway to community programs.


We respect children and the adults who support them, and we believe in respect in return.