Our Story

The idea for this hands-on learning museum started in early 2018 with two mothers who saw a need for something both educationally beneficial and fun within the Valley, for families to enjoy closer to home. The LVCM became a reality and opened its doors in October 2018, only opening to the public twice a month.

When they opened their doors, they had simple, yet engaging 15 exhibits/stations: a dinosaur fossil dig pit, a car wash made from pallets, a simple store, and about 8 STEM and Art stations. The LVCM continues to grow and add new engaging exhibits and currently has over 30+ exhibits/stations. The LVCM team is always looking for ways to bring more interactive, fun learning to the museum goers that they serve. The museum keeps activities fresh and new for children by swapping out activities regularly. Every 3 months, the museum changes their theme to continue to invoke imagination in the museum goers.

The museum provides hands-on exhibits which include dramatic play areas, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and art activities, and other fun learning exhibits to help in early childhood development. Visitors of all ages are leaving the museum having learned something new.

Albert Einstein said it best: “Play is the highest form of research”.

But today, at school and at home, children have less time for unstructured play. Instead, children are entertained by television or other means. By relying on television, movies, and video games, children are pulled away from real imaginative play, and children today desperately need to play and explore their world with their hands and imagination.

In today’s world, children average 7 hours of screen time a day, and the LVCM goal is to bring an alternative to families and children to instead play, learn and explore together!